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How Safe Are Taxi Drivers in London with Their Job?


TFL (Transport for London) recently cancelled the license for Uber for multiple reasons and left the job and many taxi drivers earnings in jeopardy. While the reason stated for this decision was in the positive light of the safety of the passengers, it has adversely affected the taxi driver’s …

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Simple Steps to Become a Taxi Driver with Us


Taxi driving can be quite a rewarding job if done in the right way. Whether you are a full-time driver or part-time, whether a taxi or private hire, there are always better ways to earn more money.
With the advent of newer technologies, mobile phones have become a prominent part of ou…

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Earn More Money by Driving a Taxi

Earning more money is always the goal in any profession besides work satisfaction. With a plethora of career options to choose from, it becomes difficult to choose one. Moreover, it has to be such that it checks every box on your list of requirements in a job.
So, Why drive a taxi? And, how t…

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